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This is official notice that all candidates have been disqualified for the Town of Fielding town council 2023 election, due to not filing required financial disclosures within the required timeline.

Utah Code section 10-3-208 states that if a candidate for election does not file the required financial disclosures by the deadlines outlined in 10-3-208(5), that candidate must be disqualified from the election.

Box Elder County Clerk will provide the required notice to the voters - you may get an email with this information.

In January the Town of Fielding will follow Utah Code section 20a-1-510 to fill the vacant positions. These interim positions will be held for two years and will be included in the 2025 election for council positions that will begin January of 2026.

Please watch the Town’s website for more details on how to apply for these vacant positions.​​

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