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The History

Fielding is a town in Box Elder CountyUtah, United States. The town was named in honor of Joseph Fielding Smith, Sr's mother, Mary Fielding.

The people of Fielding have a history of hard work, order, and growth. Interestingly, what is now known as Fielding was initially settled under the name South Plymouth in 1892. It wasn’t until October of 1894 that the town took on the name of Fielding.


The town has maintained its original trait of being neat and well-kept by maintaining its original layout of parcels divided into acres for the farmers who grew and started our great town. People were drawn to Fielding, and soon the town had many establishments, including a meat market by Oliver Wood, a blacksmith shop by William E. Packer, an auto shop by C.E. Cannon and his sons, a shoe shop by R.M. Larson. Most notable among these was Earl’s Grocery, started by Jed Earl. Many current town residents remember it being run by his grandson Emerson Earl until the 1990s.

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Fielding has a history of caring for the education of its people. When the Utah state legislature passed the “Free School” law, several schoolhouses were built, as the town population grew. The historic "Pink School House" (named so because of the poor quality red paint used) was outgrown, and in 1897 a brick schoolhouse was built. Fielding is now the home of a new state-of-the-art schoolhouse that welcomes students from all across the valley.

Fielding is the perfect mix of rural country farmland and a close-knit community. Now home to more than 600 residents, Fielding has its own U.S. Post Office, elementary school, volunteer fire department, cemetery, and numerous businesses.​

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